22 Juni 2009

Deep Purple Convention

The dust has settled and from comments we have received so far it would appear that the day was well received;

I just wanted to say a BIG thank you for a wonderful day. Well done for sorting out such an event. In the last couple of years I've become a huge Glenn Hughes fan too so it was great to see him again. I think he was the icing on the cake! I had a great time, cheers. Rob Walton.

I really enjoyed the convention yesterday. Glenn was in top form as usual. Stephen Hounslow.

Brilliant Day, Well done for great organisation. Mark.

Loved the show I've seen Glenn so many times over the years but that was something different. Glenn really enjoyed it too and said he may do some more shows in a similar vein. Nice to hear Holy Man and Will Our Love End plus the tracks from Play Me Out great! You seem to have put so much effort into organising it it was really good. All the best. Tom Taylor.

Well done for Saturday! Another great day and I think most people would agree with that. Everyone seemed to have a good time. We all had a gas and we were very pleased to share some stage time with Doogie. Nice to meet Bernie Torme too although we'd spoken years ago on the phone. Johnny Heywood, Burn

Great night, really enjoyed it. Andy Stringer.

Really enjoyed working with all the bands and it was great to work with some incredibly professional musicians.
Caroline Adcock (sound engineer)

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the wonderful evening we spent in Bedford on Saturday.
Well done, guys! All the best. Nathalie & Jerome, France

Just wanted to thank you for this really extraordinary event! We enjoyed the private atmosphere, the concerts, the "meets and greets", simply every minute of this great day. Thanks again very much! Hope to meet you again some time! Rock on!
Cheers! Bernhard, Munich, Germany

Being a great 68-76 fan, I thought the day was brilliant & those who didn't turn up simply missed something very special! So thanks for taking the risk & putting it on! Tonny Steenhagen

It was fantastic - I went to the DP convention in 1995 in Sheffield and this one topped that by miles. Great organisation and what a great guy (humble) Nick Simper was. See you at the next one in 10 years! Steve

My son and I had a great time on the day. Cheers. Terry Boud

I had a good time at the convention, it was worth the trip from Manchester to see and hear Glenn, he was awesome!
Many thanks, Mike Galway
As part of the Convention celebrations, www.deeppurple.com offered two VIP Packages to the Deep Purple show in London on July 30th, which we raffled on the day. The 'Purple Envy' packages include early entry to the venue, an exclusive merchandise package, a backstage tour, and a meet & greet with band members.
The winners were Doug Anderson and Tony Breslin. Congratulations.
We also had a Glenn Hughes laminate to offer, and incredibly one of the above also won that,
so he clearly must have bought lots of raffle tickets!

During the day we screened some rare video footage, had a Q & A with Nick Simper, and Ritchie Blackmore's former PA Rob Fodder, plus Glenn Hughes did a meet and greet signing session. Former Gillan guitarist Bernie Torme was also in attendance.

The live music from Burn (including Rainbow's Doogie White on a couple of tracks),
the Good Old Boys featuring original Purple bassist Nick Simper and Glenn Hughes concluded the day's events.

The Good Old Boys
I'm Ready, A Fool For Your Stockings, My Way, Shakey Ground, Sleepwalk, Twenty Flight Rock, Somebody To Love, Don't Worry Baby, C'mon Everybody, Shakin' All Over, Oh Well, Hush, The Good Old Boys.

Glenn Hughes (with Anders Olinder on keyboards)
Coast to Coast, I Found A Woman, Mistreated, It's About Time, Seafull, This Time Around, chat and question and answer session, When Will Our Love End, Nights In White Satin, Don't Let Me Bleed, Holy Man, You Keep On Moving, Stormbringer.

Stormbringer, Strange Kind Of Woman, Space Truckin', You Keep On Moving, When A Blind Man Cries, Highway Star (with Doogie White), Burn (with Doogie White), Mandrake Root, Woman From Tokyo, Lady Double Dealer, Hush, Black Night, Smoke On The Water, Bullfrog Blues.

Celebrating the fortieth anniversary of Deep Purple’s inception (1968 - 2008)

Esquires, Bedford, 3rd May 2008

15 Juni 2009

GLENN HUGHES Says DEEP PURPLE Mk. III Reunion Won't Happen

Legendary vocalist/bassist Glenn Hughes was interviewed on "The Classic Metal Show" on April 11 about his new album, "First Underground Nuclear Kitchen", and the 35th anniversary of the DEEP PURPLE classics "Burn" and "Stormbringer" (along with their recent remastered reissues). An excerpt from the chat follows below.

The Classic Metal Show: Glenn, there's always rumors that this lineup of PURPLE or that lineup of PURPLE or your lineup of PURPLE is going to get put back together. There's been a lot of talk that the Mk. III lineup (Hughes, vocalist David Coverdale, guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, keyboardist Jon Lord and drummer Ian Paice) will be [reuniting for a tour]. I'm assuming by the fact that you are out there doing more funk, and Ritchie Blackmore is out writing music for renaissance fairs, that it's pretty much not in the cards anymore. Is that correct?

Glenn Hughes: You know, David (Coverdale) and I have been discussing this with Jon Lord for the last three years. It's been on the table, off the table, on the table, off the table. David and I had a long discussion three months ago about doing it one more time. It wouldn't be a good time to do it in the next year, but there are a lot of things that may stop it from happening. So I'm telling you guys here on the phone tonight that I can't see it happening. I don't want to donate any more of my time to doing this. All across the world, the same questions are there. "When are you guys going to get back together?" I can't see it happening, and I don't think about it anymore. You guys just asked me the question. I never think about it. It's not part of the thought process anymore. For many, many reasons, it won't happen. It's a shame, because the fans would have loved to see it, but then again, I understand why [LED ZEPPELIN's] Jimmy [Page] and Robert [Plant] probably won't want it together. Let the legacy be intact. I don't know if people will really want to see guys doing the same songs they did 35 years ago. I don't know. I know there would be a lot of people, thousands and thousands of people every night that would pay to see this. None of us want to do it for greed reasons. We would want to do it for some kind of artistic revelry. I would want to do it for that reason. I don't want to get up on that stage and just coast, put on the pipe and slippers and just yawn and get all that money. That's not what I want to do. I want to give the audience a really, really good time.

Apr. 13, 2009

Formasi VIII (2002-saat ini)

Formasi VIII (2002-saat ini)
Ian Paice, Roger Glover, Ian Gillan, Don Airey & Steve Morse

Formasi VII (1994-2002)

Formasi VII (1994-2002)
Steve Morse, Roger Glover, Jon Lord, Ian Gillan, Ian Paice

Formasi VI (1993-1994)

Formasi VI (1993-1994)
Ian Gillan, Ian Paice, Joe Satriani, Roger Glover, Jon Lord

Formasi II-c (1992-1993)

Formasi V (1990-1992)

Formasi V (1990-1992)
Roger Glover, Jon Lord, Ritchie Blackmore, Joe Lynn Turner & Ian Paice

Formasi II-b (1984-1990)

Formasi II-b (1984-1990)
Ritchie Blackmore, Ian Paice, Jon Lord, Roger Glover & Ian Gillan

Formasi IV (1975-1976)

Formasi IV (1975-1976)
David Coverdale, Jon Lord, Tommy Bolin, Ian Paice & Glenn Hughes

Formasi III (1973-1975)

Formasi III (1973-1975)
Jon Lord, Ritchie Blackmore, Ian Paice, Glenn Hughes & David Coverdale

Formasi II-a (1969-1973)

Formasi II-a (1969-1973)
Roger Glover, Ian Paice, Ian Gillan, Ritchie Blackmore & Jon Lord

Formasi I (1968-1969)

Formasi I (1968-1969)
Rod Evans, Jon Lord, Ritchie Blackmore, Ian Paice dan Nick Simper



Salah satu pelopor musik Hard Rock kemudian berkembang menjadi Heavy Metal ini pada awal berdirinya merupakan ide dari bintang pop tahun 1960-an dan telah memperoleh kebesaran dengan band-nya, THE SEARCHER, dialah Christopher Crummy atau yang dikenal dengan nama Chris Curtis (Oldham, Lancs, tgl. 26 Agustus 1941).

Curtis melihat semakin berkembangnya musik Rock Progressive sehingga terbentuk suatu ide bersama rekannya di bisnis musik yang bersedia menolongnya.

Curtis mulai mendiskusikannya dengan Tony Edwards, yang bekerja di bisnis textile milik keluarganya di West End, London. Mereka pun diperkenalkan ke Vicki Wickham, seorang asisten produser acara TV : Ready, Steady, Go Pop Show.

Setelah setahun berjalan, secara formal Curtis lalu meminta pertolongan manajemen dan Edwards pun menghubungi teman bisnisnya, John Colletta, yang saat itu memiliki agen periklanan diatas perusahaan textile milik Edwards. Mereka lalu membuat keputusan untuk menggabungkan bisnis mereka dengan melakukan promosi band yang akan dibentuk Curtis.

Seiring dengan waktu, mereka sadar bahwa Curtis hanya memiliki mimpi besar yang hanya berisikan gagasan dan gagasan belaka. Sedangkan bagian yang paling nyata terletak kepada keberadaan teman Curtis yang juga musisi yang tinggal satu flat (Fulham's Gunter Grove) dengan Curtis, dialah Jon Lord.

Curtis pun masih bersemangat untuk membicarakan proyeknya tersebut dengan menampilkan kumpulan musisi terbaik. Salah satu musisi yang sangat diinginkan Curtis adalah Ritchie Blackmore, gitaris terkenal di Reeperbahn dan saat ini bermukim di Hamburg bersama kekasihnya, Babs.

Saat itu band telah terbentuk dengan formasi : Ritchie Blackmore (gitar), Jon Lord (organ), Chris Curtis (vokal), Dave Curtis (bass) dan Bobby Woodman Clarke (drum). Clarke merupakan referensi dari Blackmore berdasarkan promosi Melody Maker yang dibayar 25 Pound setiap minggunya. Sedangkan Dave Curtis tidak ada hubungannya dengan Chris Curtis.

Setelah melakukan jam, Blackmore melihat kelemahan Band terletak pada diri Chris Curtis sendiri, sehingga (sangat ironis) akhirnya Chris Curtis harus keluar dari Band disusul oleh Dave Curtis, sehingga Band hanya terdiri dari Blackmore, Lord dan Clarke saja.

Tak lama berselang, rekan Jon Lord semasa di The Flowerpot Men, Nick Simper (bass) ikut bergabung. Sedangkan untuk posisi vokal, Band telah melihat nama Ashley Holt, Rod Stewart dan Terry Raid.

Dari sekian pelamar, harapan terbesar terletak pada diri Mick Angus. Inkarnasi embrio ini ditambah lagi dengan saran Simper dan Lord untuk memilih Ian Gillan. Saat itu terjadi dilema apabila Gillan masuk ke dalam Band, sedangkan saat itu Gillan masih bergabung dengan EPISODE SIX.

Setelah kembali ke Slough dengan saat itu telah diberikan kepercayaan oleh Band, Angus mereferensikan teman akrabnya, Rod Evans.

Entah mengapa justru Rod Evans (ex. The Maze) bersama rekannya Ian Paice masuk kedalam Band. Dengan masuknya Paicey otomatis Clarke harus keluar dari Band.

Begitu banyak nama Band diusulkan seperti Orpheus dan Concrete God, namun Management mengusulkan nama Roundabout dan nama ini dipakai dalam tour.

Dalam tour di Tastrup, Denmark tgl. 20 April 1968, nama Band pun berubah menjadi DEEP PURPLE, yang diambil dari nama sebuah lagu favorit dari Neneknya Ritchie Blackmore.

Debut album Deep Purple, Shades Of Deep Purple direkam di bulan Mei 1968. Dalam relatif sangat singkat, hit single Deep Purple, Hush (dirilis bulan Juli 1968) menembus tangga lagu Amerika, dengan menduduki posisi no. 4.